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      One incident is commonly related whenever the history of the Poothatta Tharawad is mentioned.

     In ancient times, when the Namboodiries traveled through the countryside, other castes had to step away from their path (to prevent the Namboodiries being sullied by their presence). The elders of the Poothatta Tharawad challenged this horrendous custom. History has it that seven Namboodiries who dared to resist the might of the Poothatta Karanavars were vanquished in battle by the Karanavars and were buried in an upright position on the side of one of the fields belonging to the Tharawad.

     In the early days, prayaschitham for these deeds used to be performed by the Poothatta Tharawad at the famous Elayavoor Temple. But later the Karanavars of the Tharawad decided that there was no necessity for prayaschitham as no wrong had been done since the Namboodiries had been killed in battle.

     A period in history saw the Malabar area under the sway of the East India Company, and the Arakkal family, who were Muslims, fighting the British traders. 

     With their warrior background, the males of the Poothatta family fought along with the soldiers of the Arakkal family against the British forces. Legend has it that, suspected of treason, two members of the Poothatta family were sentenced to death by the ruler of the Arakkal family. They were taken to the beach at Payyambalam for execution.

     The matriarch of the Poothatta family is said to have prayed to Wyanad Kulavan to prove their innocence, since she was convinced that they were innocent. It is said that the Beevi of the Arakkal family who was the ruler had a dream of Wyanad Kulavan in which the ancient deity convinced her that the two persons sentenced to death were innocent. They were released and were honored by the Arakkal family.

     Generation after generation the members of the Poothatta family occupied important posts in the community. Many of them went abroad and earned fame for themselves..

     One of the first doctors from the Malabar area hailing from the Poothatta family was Dr. O. Govindan LMP who served in the frontier and finally fought the Japanese in Burma. Dr. Govindan was injured in the war. On his way back to India he was almost given a funeral at sea. But at the last moment he recovered and came back to India and lived for a number of years in Kannur (then Cannanore).

     The famous Kadachira Kunhambu established Kadachira Motors, the first fleet of buses in Malabar, and served on the Malabar District Board.

     The famous Koodali High School is said to have been established by Kunhaman Gurukkal, who was a member of the Tharawad.

     Several members joined the Police Force, the Railways and indeed all Government departments.

     Some were also the official translators to the rulers of Arakkal Palace and these translators and their descendents were known as "INGIRIATH".

     One among the prominent descendents was the late Deputy Collector Sri. Poothatta Govindan, who had taken pride on being a member of the Tharawad and even went to the extend naming his house in Kozhikode near Providence College as INGIRIATH.